A quiet space to write on the web

QuietWrite is a web-based space for writers to get their thoughts out and share them with others. View full description


  • Uncluttered, calm interface
  • Built-in word counter
  • Support forums available to voice opinions and add feature ideas
  • Option to export to WordPress blog


  • No ability to follow or favorite other users and their work
  • Can't even make the most basic skin customizations
  • No avatar or public profile information available

Not bad

QuietWrite is a web-based space for writers to get their thoughts out and share them with others.

Let's face it. Writing can be a rather frustrating endeavor. It's easy to get distracted, especially online. QuietWrite claims to lessen your distractions a bit, at least on its own web interface. The ultimate goal is more writing productivity in less time.

QuietWrite offers a very plain but visually appealing interface of shades of gray, white and teal. You can either sign up for an account or write anonymously. The choice is yours. If you do sign up for an account, the only real addition you can make to your profile that's outwardly visible to others is your pen name. Otherwise, QuietWrite lets you tweak a few internal settings like email options, font type and color, but not much more.

Much like traditional desktop text editors, QuietWrite will keep tabs on your word count. The app will also save every few seconds to ensure you don't lose your work, which is nice. QuietWrite stands out by the mere fact that's it's located online, however. You can access it virtually anywhere you have an internet connection, thanks to its cloud-based storage system. If you have a WordPress blog, there's also a simple feature that allows you to export posts in a few simple clicks. There's also a preview feature for users who are logged in.

For some users, that's where the positives end. Apart from a very basic commenting system, QuietWrite really doesn't offer many features that make interacting with other users possible. You can't favorite a work you enjoyed or want to return to for later reading. You also can't follow users whose writing you like or get updates on when they've added a new piece. Basically, when QuietWrite boasts that it's minimalist, that's exactly what it means.

It's worth noting that QuietWrite is still in its beta stages and the developers seem happy to entertain feature suggestions from users in a forum they created specifically for that purpose. There's a lot of potential here that's just waiting to be realized.

For writers who simply want a visually calming space to write on the web, QuietWrite's a fantastic, minimalist option.


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